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Dave Landua

The tall guy with the platinum hair, he’s half German and has just got his motorbike license again after 25 years. He grew up in Wollongong and the rest of his family still live in the house that his dad built in about 100 different stages. He spent his teenage years doing carpentry and shopfitting with his dad, so when you walk into the studio, be sure to ask him who built it, he’ll tell you we had a builder [thanks Jamie], but the truth is he did at least 80% of it himself which is pretty impressive.

Dave moved down Gippsland quite some time ago, started Danae Photography shooting weddings in 2004. He still photographs weddings and lots of families but his main game is video now. And he has tattoos, like heaps of tattoos, heaps of tattoos that his mum doesn’t know about! He also loves coffee, so much so that our USB’s come packages in mini coffee bags.

Angela Landua

The one who drives Dave nuts on a daily basis, but hey, she also cooks his dinner most nights, so it’s something he kind of puts up with. She grew up in Adelaide and always wanted to be a photographer, after she got through the “lady farmer stage,” honestly the irony of living in Gippsland and not knowing a thing about farming, ha! She was a figure skater as a teenager and when she moved out of home, she moved to London [sorry mum]! She’s a traveller and has only one tattoo, it’s the logo of her old business, Haute Photography. She wants another one, but it will probably take her a few more years to decide on the design.

Ange is your stills girl for weddings, she also shoots some family portraits and our Beautiful You shoots, for women who want to flaunt it. She also looks after Gippsland Fine Art Printing, our little side-business.


AKA Our Secret Weapon, she’s new here and she is GREAT for productivity. Whitney helps us out will all kinds of things as our Studio Assistant. She’s really making her mark here with video editing and we’re also training her up to do wedding videography.


Well we think she’s pretty cute, and while she’s not great for productivity, if you’re visiting us at the studio on a non-day-care day, you might just get to meet her.

Regardless of what we’re shooting, our approach is to capture who you are, your love, your relationships and you as a person. We want to know what makes you, you. Of course sometimes we may as you to look straight down the barrel of the camera, but most of the time, we’ll be encouraging you to relax and let your guard down, to let the real you show.

We also shoot commercial work, but that’s a whole other website.

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