The Greenhill Family

Family Portraits

Super busy is an understatement when it comes to Traralgon couple Suzie and Andrew Greenhill and their three young boys Lucas, Theodore and Hamish. With work, sport and a social calendar that would leave the average person exhausted, it’s hard to imagine there’ s enough time to sleep.

Which is exactly the reason why it was so important to stop and capture some of the magic that occurs every day. Danae Photography’s Dave Landua visited their home and came away with a little slice of Greenhill family life. Suzie takes up the story:

“We’re not photography sort of people. We work in the medical research field, so a lot of our time is spent applying for grants, getting grants, running projects, travelling, working and bringing up three little kids. Even for our own wedding, photography was the last consideration. I’ve regretted that ever since.

“It kind of felt like a little bit of a luxury to me to even think about getting a family photo shoot done. But because we’ve been away so much, it just felt like the right time. I didn’t have a definitive this is what I want and this is how I want it and I think this is where Dave and Angela excel. Because they’re such open and warm people, you form that rapport pretty much instantly so they’re reading you from the minute they meet you.

“From chatting to me, picking up on my personality and getting to know the children, Dave started getting ideas. We had a family shoot at home, all five of us on the front verandah, so we got the history of the building. The other half of the shoot was inside with the kids all cooking. It was fantastic.

“I was actually on the train coming home from the city. It was packed and it was peak hour and the phone beeps and it was a text from Dave. He said ‘I don’t normally text images, but I couldn’t resist with this one. Have a look at the shot’. I just burst out laughing! Everyone on the train was looking at me like ‘what’s that crazy woman doing’ but it was just such a candid shot. Hamish ended up with a chef’s hat over his face and raw pizza dough on his head. It was hilarious and the looks on the other boys’ faces! It was just a moment in time but we get to relive it every day because it is now on the wall.

“I can’t imagine as an older woman how I am going to feel looking back. You think you’re going to remember everything but you don’t. You get busy, you move on with life and you forget. In terms of how important they are in our family history, priceless.”

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