Ryan + Simone

Wedding + Trash the Dress
Pooch Pics Shoot

Ryan and Simone Counsel married in the dunes overlooking the Ninety Mile Beach at Lakes Entrance. It was a warm day and a relaxed wedding where thongs were as de rigueur as suits. Rather than tell our photographer what to do, the couple let Dave make all the decisions about their wedding photos. Here is their story.

Simone: “We got to know Dave before the actual wedding and seeing him out and about, so it was like he was a friend already so we were just really relaxed with him.

“We gave him free range. We said ‘this is your area of expertise, you know what you are doing, we’ll do as we are told’. But he knew the feel of our day, our day was completely relaxed, there was really nothing formal about our wedding except the fact that we said our vows.”

Ryan: “Our wedding was at 2.30pm on the beach and at about a quarter to two I was standing out the front and everyone started coming up to me going ‘what are we doing’, and they’re looking at the weather and looking at me and I’m like … it’s not raining, we’re going to the beach, I am not changing it. It was quite warm and it started to spit a little bit but it held off and we got about three or four hours worth of shots. About half past six it just poured.

“Dave does a slideshow, so he gets photos throughout the day … after the meals and everything is starting to get relaxed he quickly throws on a five-minute slide show. It was  one of the things we absolutely enjoyed about the wedding … it gives your wedding something else.

“In one photo it looks like we’re on a massive ship but it’s actually the Lakes Entrance footbridge … everyone thinks we’re on the Titanic or something. When that came on everyone just went oooooooh. That’s probably my favourite photo out of the whole wedding album.”

Simone: “When he did the slideshow on the day it was dead silent and you could just hear all the people go ‘oh wow’! You knew with Dave you were going to get that effect.

“After our wedding I said to Ryan that we’ll go to no other photographer.”

Ryan: “It doesn’t matter what photos we get done, we will never go to another photographer. I just like Dave’s style and he’s easy to get along with.”

Simone and Ryan have since gone on to do a ‘Trash the Dress’ shoot, family photos with their two dogs Minx and Boof and a newborn session for Simone’s niece Khalehla.

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