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Capturing your style

Danae Studios partner Angela Landua worked in Adelaide and Sydney capturing relationships, things and places before she met and fell madly in love with our very own Dave and moved to Victoria. A former news photographer, she describes her style as photojournalistic with a fine art twist.

There are things that a bride and groom won’t even know are happening or won’t remember or won’t think about and I get to capture that for them so they can enjoy it forever.

I want you to come to the studio to meet me. If you’re a bride, it’s likely I am going to be spending just as much, if not more, time with you on your wedding day than what you will with your new husband. I want you both to feel comfortable and know that we’re going to have some fun capturing your wedding day story.

If you’re a commercial client I will want to learn about your business, what you do, what you want to portray and what you are going to use the images for. Visit to find out more about our Commercial Photography services.

I love getting to know my couples and learning about their relationship and their wedding plans. That’s one of the reasons I love engagement shoots. Doing an E-shoot can really help people to feel comfortable in front of my camera. We spend some time together, have some fun, just relax and create some photographs while we’re at it.

It’s such a privilege to photograph a couple’s love. I get to see my brides and grooms from when the nerves start kicking in, before they get into their outfit for the day. I get to capture them hanging out with their wedding party and parents before the ceremony. I love to see the whole story unfold, it’s really beautiful.

I will always be trying to do something a bit quirky but my goal is creating images that aren’t going to date. So I will capture my couples’ style and their relationship and I will also strive to ensure those images are just as beautiful in five, 10, 30, 50 years.

I’ve been there, I know how quickly it goes by. There are things that a bride and groom won’t even know are happening, moments they didn’t see or details they may not remember about and I get to capture that for them so they can enjoy it forever. I often have my couples say to me ‘we didn’t even know you were taking photos then’ or ‘that’s totally not what we expected you were doing and they are some of our favourites’.

I can’t wait to look through the images after any shoot. Sometimes I will capture things and I won’t realise just how much I’ve got at the time. I look at the image later and realize I’ve captured so much in that fraction of a second. I really enjoy knowing that I have captured the day the way it happened and I’ve captured the essence of my couple’s relationship.

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