Who are we?

A little about Danae Studios

This is us

Danae Studios is owned by husband and wife team, Dave and Angela Landua. They wouldn’t have life any other way, their passion for photography and love of capturing the special moments in their clients lives is what makes Danae Studios just that little more special.

We are passionate about what we do as photographers and are very thankful that we are lucky enough to say photography is our full-time job.

We were both photographers long before we met, photography has been in both of us for many many years. We were literally in the same conversation at a photography conference seven months before actually meeting properly at the national awards the following year. After falling madly in love, we got married in 2014 and feel that our love was just meant to be, fate works in funny ways.

Somewhere along the way we combined our individual businesses (Danae Photography and Haute Photography) and we now work together running Danae Studios.

We are super passionate about what we do as photographers and are very thankful that we are lucky enough to say photography is our full-time job. We’ve got years of experience and a nice collection of awards, blah blah blah… While we’re the first to admit that it’s all great and we could bang on about our achievements, really, what does it all mean for you?

It means we’ll not only deliver the best products available but also an experience which is un-equalled in Gippsland. We understand that you want the best from your investment, our experience and knowledge will be a big help when we’re guiding you through the many options.

We pride ourselves on creating an unforgettable photographic experience and always ensure we create a completely tailored collection for each individual client. No two experiences are the same because no to clients are the same. We want your photographs to be exactly what you dream of them being, we don’t want to just meet your expectations, we want to exceed them!

Now that you know our story, we’d love to hear yours! Give us a call on 5174 3329 or contact us via the form below to arrange a time to drop by the studio for a coffee, we’re looking forward to capturing a moment in your history.

For Dad

This video, made by our very good friend Mark Tipple, marked the 10 year anniversary of Danae Photography and allowed Dave to honour his Dad on the 10th anniversary of his passing away.

Client Love

“Your wedding and the birth of your child are huge moments in your life. You want to capture those moments forever.”

Aaron Beckingham

“After our wedding I said to Ryan that we’ll go to no other photographer.”

Simone Counsel

“Half of our shoot was inside our home with the kids all cooking. It was fantastic because the kids didn’t feel like they had to get dressed up and pose for a man with a camera, they were just being themselves. We are totally in love with what we’ve got.”

Suzie Greenhill